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Failed attempt at drawing Belle, ignore the other drawing behind 😂😂😂

Failed attempt at drawing Belle, ignore the other drawing behind 😂😂😂

😂🐻 #fabulousness

😂🐻 #fabulousness



Rating: NC17

Warnings: Teacher/student, Age Difference

a/n: We have come to the end of this story.  I want to thank everybody that read and left a wonderful message on this story.  Also, quick note, the POV is Darren’s in this part.

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Three Years Later

The sight of him alone is enough to make his heart stop and breath come up short.  Watching as he sleeps, chest rhythmically rising and falling, full pink lips slightly parted as he breathes, his gorgeous naked body on totally display for him after he kicked away the sheets.  Darren bites his lip as he smiles at that; shortly after moving in together, it was one of the things he learned Chris did.  There are other things.  How he likes to eat Coca Puffs with chocolate milk even though the milk turns to chocolate milk in the end.  How he bakes to clear his mind when he’s overwhelmed by all his class work.  Or how he quietly starts to hum when he’s bored.  It’s a few of many habits of his that he finds cute.

But even his annoying habits, like deleting shows he fully intended to watch even though they’ve been on the DVR for over month.  How he leaves his cereal bowl in the sink every morning with milk still in it when it would take less than a minute to clean.  Or how he has a specific way of folding clothes that makes no difference to how he folds them.  Even those habits he finds cute and easy to deal with.

That’s one of the many reasons he knows he will never love another person like he loves Chris.  He will never need or want another.  Scooting over and adoringly gazing down at Chris, stroking his thumb over his warm cheek as he slowly wakes up, he knows this is definitely what he’s wanted all his life.  He could search, but he doesn’t need to.  The person he wants to spend forever with is right here.

And he doesn’t want to lose it.

"Morning," Chris sleepily mumbles, stretching and yawning, blue eyes swimming with love as he gazes up at him.

"Marry me?"

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